It's For Freedom

It's For Freedom is a ministry that helps people experience the fullness of the freedom that Christ has claimed for us all, by means of inner healing and deliverance.


2 - 4 Hour Workshop

This is an introductory workshop that covers the basics of inner healing, the biblical foundation for inner healing, the role demonic influence plays and how spiritual direction solidifies our new found freedom.

A Journey To Freedom

This is a 12 week course held one time per week for 12 weeks. The course will cover the basics of inner healing, family of origin issues, letting go of our past, Father/Mother & emotional wounds, vows & curses, secret societies, occult & cult activities, dealing with demons, healing of memories and the role of spiritual direction in helping us to truly live free in Christ.  Completion of this course meets one of the requirements for those that want to learn how to minister to others in this way.


Worship, teaching, ministry and time with Jesus to experience inner healing in a retreat setting. We are also available to come and share about these topics at your church, ministry or leader retreat.

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling any of these teaching opportunities.

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