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It's For Freedom is a ministry that helps people experience the fullness of the freedom that Christ has claimed for us all, by means of inner healing and deliverance.

Can A Christian Have A Demon?

Probably not in the way most of us think. Thanks to Hollywood and even some ministries, the term "demon possessed" has been turned into something that was not intended by the original Greek text in the New Testament. Various translations use this term from the Greek word, daimonizomai - meaning to have or to be influenced by a demon. 

Now, when a person comes to faith and accepts Jesus Christ any demons in the person's spirit must leave. Demons cant indwell a Christian in the same sense that the Holy Spirit indwells. But demons do not have to automatically vacate our minds, wills, emotions, or physical body. They are like squatters and intruders, if they have any right to stick around they will. What gives them  permission to stick around are things like:

    •    Un-forgiveness
    •    Anger
    •    Bitterness
    •    Curses and Vows
    •    Occult or Cult activity and involvement
    •    Soul Ties
    •    Practicing Witchcraft, even in innocent ways  
    •    Emotional, Spiritual and Sin Wounds, to name a few

Demons are like rats to garbage, when we clean up the garbage of our lives they have nothing theft to feed on, rights and permission are taken away and it becomes a very easy process of evicting them. Demons are really a secondary and minor issue, we believe inner healing is the primary focus which allows time for the garbage to get cleaned up, curses to be broken and demonic practices to be renounced. Once this is done, then demons are addressed and commanded to leave. 

For more detailed information on this question view the Charles Kraft video on our resource page, or get his book: Defeating Dark Angels